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February 29, 2024      10:08 AM

Report: The Abbott endorsed candidate for Texas House in Abilene has never voted in Taylor County and does not seem to live there

The Reporter News in Abilene “recently confirmed that Case has never voted in Taylor County and has a homestead tax exemption in another county. Is it legal for Case to run for District 71?" From the story:

Liz Case is running for the Texas House of Representatives, District 71, against incumbent Representative Stan Lambert. She has been endorsed by Governor Abbott, Senator Cruz, and even former President Trump. However, some voters and political opponents have called into question how long she has actually resided within District 71.As of November 14, 2023, Liz Case was a registered voter in Dallas County, Texas. On November 15, 2023, Case registered to vote in Taylor County, just narrowly missing the previous bond election held November 7, 2023.

Freda Ragan, Elections Administrator for Taylor County, confirmed February 27, 2024, that Liz Case only registered to vote in Taylor County as of November 15, 2023. Ragan also confirmed that Case has never voted in Taylor County, saying that, "There is no voting history for Liz Case in Taylor County."

....Case did not register to vote here in Taylor County until November 15, so it is possible her residency spans less than one year prior to the election.

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February 28, 2024      5:29 PM

In the Mighty Metroplex, Chairs Leach and Meyer squarely in the crosshairs of Paxton allies and Patrick

Brint Ryan and Patrick have teamed up against Meyer, Leach is fending off an avalanche of lies after helping lead the charge to impeach Paxton, and in Denton County Reps. Thimesch and Stucky are both in knife fights right to the end

DALLAS-FORT WORTH – According to Attorney General Ken Paxton’s January report following his acquittal in the Texas Senate, he raised $3.5 million, spent $3.3 million and has $1.9 million cash on hand. Of that $3.3 million, he has given zero to the more than 45 candidates he supports.

But Paxton has found allies thanks to a familiar supporter.

It’s always the same people, isn’t it?

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By James Russell

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February 27, 2024      4:11 PM

Latest campaign finance reports show Abbott putting contributor money where his mouth is, Paxton candidates living off third-party PAC support, and more

The 2024 Republican primary cycle might make some of you yearn for the days of Texas Public Policy Foundation board members and those in their orbit dropping a total of less than $500,000 over multiple cycles for a few grifter political consultants and their bottom of the barrel recruits like pipe bomber Chris Evans and former Rep. Molly White, at least in part because they opposed a Jewish Texas House Speaker.

Now, a decade later they are spending millions on some candidates found in a toxic chemical truck headed for West Texas who use an overpriced firm boasting successful post-Ted Cruz clients like Rep. Nate Schlatzine all because they want kids to use public money to help kids find Jesus in their private schools. That’s despite deriding all other government handouts as “welfare” requiring drug and political litmus tests.

So, the irony that despite their pet school voucher bill proposed by Public Education Chair Brad Buckley getting a floor vote for the first time in years, neither kids nor parents would be required to undergo drug tests for a $10,000 entitlement.

It’s led to even the best among us resorting to messaging appealing to primary votes, like how vouchers would go to undocumented immigrants and Satanic schools (of which there are none in Texas).

I long for the days when the biggest eye rolling threat were the scorecards giving participation points for voting to table motions to table, filing non-germane amendments and being otherwise offensive. Now not even the Resolutions and Local and Consent Calendar, most of which voters were blissfully unaware years ago, go untouched.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of what is perhaps the most intellectually vapid campaign in the history of Texas politics.

The 8-day campaign finance reports reveal the following:

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By James Russell

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February 26, 2024      9:26 AM

Biden to visit the Texas border this week

Via By Benjamin Wermund in DC for the Houston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is headed to Brownsville on Thursday to meet with Border Patrol agents, law enforcement and local leaders — part of an effort by the White House to take control of the narrative on the border that has dogged the president virtually from the time he took office.

Biden is expected to stress the need for provisions in a bipartisan border bill that Senate Republicans blocked earlier this month and renew calls for Congress to take action.

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February 26, 2024      7:27 AM

Capitol blood drive today sponsored by Texas Hospital Association and Pink Granite Foundation from 9am to 3pm

Information for setting up an appointment is here.

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February 24, 2024      12:12 PM

After voters noticed and Rep. Darby called it out, pro-voucher PAC spending heavily in House races here changes address from Viriginia to Texas

American Federation for Children has blanketed targeted districts with mailers with return addresses in Virginia, now they’ve changed it up

DALLAS – One of the best-funded pro-voucher groups allied with Gov. Greg Abbott targeting non-compliant Texas House Republicans is now blatantly trying to mask the fact that they’re not from Texas.

When mail pieces from the American Federation for Children started showing up slamming incumbent GOP members like Rep. Drew Darby, Rep. Stan Lambert, Rep. Ernest Bailes, and others on “school choice” and border issues, they included return addresses in Alexandria, VA.

But in the last week, the group changed the return addresses on new mail pieces to a location in Dallas, which is likely still unimpressive to folks in places like San Angelo and Abilene.

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By Scott Braddock

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February 23, 2024      3:50 PM

People on the Move

Veteran lobby moves, agency news, campaign moves, and more

We’re closing in on it now.

Early voting – which is abysmal – is just about halfway through and at some point in the past few weeks we hit the really rough water in this Texas primary. This is the part where you can make a single comment about a race and it somehow pisses off the supporters of both (or all) the candidates. That’s an occupational hazard around here, without a doubt.

Some have asked if all the travel around the state has made me tired. Nah.

But ask me again on March 6.

Meantime, there were a few significant moves in the Texas Capitol community to tell you about this week. There probably won’t be another POTM until after the primary but feel free to send any and all career news my way: ksbraddock@gmail.com. Use POTM in the subject line for the faster service.

Thank you, kindly.

Here’s the latest edition of People on the Move.

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By Scott Braddock

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February 23, 2024      3:31 PM

Video: In new ad, Rep. Reggie Smith goes out of his way to avoid attacking challenger Shelley Luther in their rematch

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