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November 28, 2023      3:37 PM

SB: Abbott wages a War on Christmas trees

The Texas House will have several smaller trees instead of the traditional giant one and it is indeed because lawmakers are still in session; apparently there’s a chance there would have been no tree at all as Abbott shows disdain not just for the process but for people during the holidays

There’s been some griping and joking on social media and in the halls of the Capitol today about the tiny Texas House Christmas tree that was wheeled into the chamber today. The smaller tree was even compared to the sad little tree from "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Yes, I’m really writing about this. And this may be a bit tongue in cheek but stick with me because there is a larger point.

For months, I’ve said DPS should recommend that special sessions can’t be held during the holidays because the traditional giant tree would cause line-of-sight issues on the House floor. The sergeants need to be able to see everyone at all times, after all.

Well, it appears there’s something to that.

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By Scott Braddock

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November 27, 2023      2:29 PM

Rep. Kyle Kacal tells QR he will not seek reelection

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November 25, 2023      8:22 PM

Former Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson appears poised to challenge Rep. Justin Holland

Hat tip to Tony Ortiz at Current Revolt, who posted it first

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