February 14, 2024      4:45 PM

Video: Patrick all in against Phelan in his GOP primary, appearing in TV ad for David Covey

February 14, 2024      4:40 PM

Adult son of Chairman Schwertner arrested on charges related to revenge porn

The victim alleges that Matthew Schwerter saved graphic images of the woman "In case you acted like a 2-year-old." She told police the messages continued after she asked him to stop. One text to her said "It’s ok ur a poor Mexican what can one expect."

It was first reported by Current Revolt - here is the latest according to Fox 7 TV in Austin:

The son of a Texas senator has been arrested in Travis County on charges related to revenge porn. Senator Charles Schwertner’s son is now facing the consequences of a law his father helped pass about eight years ago.

About six months after 21-year-old Matthew Schwertner broke up with his girlfriend, she received threatening texts known as revenge porn.

...court documents said last month, Schwertner texted the victim and said if she didn’t return various items that he bought for her during their relationship, he was going to send an intimate image of her to her mother and sisters. When the victim asked why Schwertner still had this image of her, he answered, "In case you acted like a 2-year-old." The woman told police the messages continued after she asked him to stop contacting her. One text said, "It’s ok ur a poor Mexican what can one expect."

February 14, 2024      4:34 PM

In divorce proceedings, wife of Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson alleges he had relationship with a city staffer

Via D Magazine:

Mayor Eric Johnson’s wife of 16 years alleged in court Tuesday that she “caught him in our house” being unfaithful with a woman employed by the city of Dallas, in February 2021.

The revelation came during the final day of divorce proceedings involving the mayor and his wife, Nakita Johnson, in the 303rd District Court at the George L. Allen Sr. Courts Building. Nakita testified that she confronted her husband that day in February, and he admitted to the affair. “He basically said that it had happened a dozen times or so and didn’t give much more than that,” she said. In testimony earlier in the day, the mayor had denied that he had had an affair. Ike Vanden Eykel, the mayor’s attorney, said Nakita had “no evidence whatsoever” of the affair.

Beyond the anecdote, Nakita’s attorneys entered into evidence footage from the home’s Ring doorbell camera, which, she said, showed the woman arriving and leaving on February 5, 2021, “the last day she left our house and never came back.” The image was not shown to the courtroom but was described for the record. When asked whether her husband had been “unfaithful,” Nakita answered “yes” and then spoke of catching the two. She did not detail what she saw.

February 14, 2024      10:00 AM

HK: Taking the low road, Abbott engineers a breathtaking turnaround, leading to talk of VP consideration

Should Trump win the election, Texas could find itself in a tornado of political ambition; also a memo to candidates: Since your opponents are going to lie about you anyway, your best and only defense is to actually represent your district

My, how quickly things change.

A year and a half ago, Greg Abbott was so intimidated by the GOP base that he would not even speak to the Republican Party of Texas convention in Houston, opting instead to hold a separate reception away from the convention Hall in which attendees had to wait in line outdoors in the 105-degree Southeast Texas heat.

Emblematic of the current Republican Party, that was the angriest GOP convention in memory. Texas’ senior Senator John Cornyn, the heaviest lifter in DC for the state, was literally booed for 25 of the 30 minutes he spoke. The only statewide officeholder to get a standing ovation was Dan Patrick, who of course ended his speech with an invocation.

Abbott’s presidential aspirations were well known but he registered in absolutely no polls and most conversations about that were met with eye-rolling as it was universally acknowledged there was no path.

Fast forward to the present.

February 14, 2024      9:47 AM

George Strake, former Texas Secretary of State and Texas GOP Chairman, passed away

He was 88. A Mass and Celebration of Life will be conducted at four o’clock in the afternoon on President’s Day, Monday, the 19th of February, in the Reckling Gymnasium at St. Thomas High School, 4500 Memorial Drive in Houston.

The obituary for George Strake of Houston can be found here.

February 12, 2024      6:08 PM

Lt. Gov. Patrick endorses the GOP challenger to Chairman Meyer

Patrick says "Barry Wernick is telling voters the truth" about property taxes. "Morgan Meyer is not."

February 10, 2024      4:04 PM

SREC votes nearly unanimously to censure speaker Phelan

The speaker's operation hits back, saying the Texas GOP "rolled out the red carpet for a group of Neo-Nazis" and "has lost its moral authority and is no longer representative of the views of the Party as a whole"

The governing board of the Texas GOP on Saturday voted overwhelmingly to censure Speaker Dade Phelan.

The vote on the State Republican Executive Committee was 55 in favor, 4 against, and 4 abstained.

February 9, 2024      11:46 AM

People on the Move

Abbott makes a solid appointment, significant lobby moves, Senate staff shakeups, and more

Well, this is an especially tiring primary season. But it’s been great to see so many of you in places like McKinney, Decatur, Abilene, Mineral Wells, Nacogdoches, Beamont, and Houston over the last few weeks. More stories from the road coming up.

Meantime, some heavy hitters are making moves and it’s time to get you up to date. Of course, I’m always missing something or that thing hasn’t been announced yet. You can let the Texas Capitol community know what’s going on by sending career news to ksbraddock@gmail.com and using POTM in the subject line. Please and thank you.

Here’s the latest edition of People on the Move.

By Scott Braddock

February 8, 2024      5:05 PM

Former Rep. Biedermann doubles down on his defense of former Rep. Slaton, blasts the Texas House for expelling him

Biedermann equates consensual relationships at the Texas Capitol with what Slaton did; a voter who released audio of Biedermann says he was stunned at the Biedermann’s defense of Slaton

In his campaign for a comeback to the Texas House, former Rep. Kyle Biedermann is defending his recent comments defending expelled former Rep. Bryan Slaton, who was removed after supplying a teenage staffer with alcohol so that he could have sex with her.

Biedermann is challenging Rep. Ellen Troxclair, R-Lakeway, in the GOP primary.

In a video posted by a concerned voter on Facebook, Biedermann argued that if what Slaton did was wrong, then "let's get rid of half of the Texas House."

By Scott Braddock

February 8, 2024      5:02 PM

Video: Rep. Holland rips into Katrina Pierson in new ad