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October 18, 2021      1:43 AM

Here is the conference committee report for Senate Bill 6, the Texas Congressional map

You can download it here. Scroll to page 225 to see the maps.

Here is the map in District Viewer.

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October 17, 2021      1:43 AM

Texas Senate appoints conferees on congressional map

Conferees are Huffman, Nelson, Nichols, Campbell, and Perry

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October 16, 2021      11:40 PM

After multiple changes and with a conference with the Senate expected Sunday, the Texas House votes 80 to 61 to advance congressional map

Some changes were made in South Texas, Rep. Toth had his residence drawn specifically into a district, and more

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October 16, 2021      5:12 PM

TRBs bill, SB 52, advances out of Texas House Appropriations

It is now set for floor consideration on Sunday

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October 15, 2021      6:35 PM

Texas House and Senate headed to conference on SB8, federal funding, and SB1, the property tax deal

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October 15, 2021      6:05 PM

Emblematic of the distrust between the House and Senate all year: The House and Senate finally pass each others maps simultaneously

Before the vote, Chair Burrows wanted to ensure the doors were open to both chambers so that members could watch each other pass the others' maps

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October 15, 2021      5:33 PM

Updated: Texas business groups come out in force against ban on vaccine mandates for private employers

AGC-TBB, TLR, TAB, NFIB, Texas REALTORS, Chemical Council, Texas Civil Justice League, CPAS, Hotels and Lodging, TMA, Texas Trucking Association, multiple Chambers, and many others urge lawmakers to vote no on anything like SB51 by Sen. Hughes

From the statement, which is now signed by even more business groups:

"We believe strongly that legislation of this kind represents an unprecedented intrusion into the liberty of employers to operate their businesses as they see fit. Texas’ successful business climate is premised upon this fundamental liberty, but this legislation undermines it by placing employers in an impossible position between federal and state mandates. It will also subject employers to potentially crippling litigation costs at both the federal and state levels with no ability to protect themselves against this risk."

Check this out for the whole thing.

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October 15, 2021      4:58 PM

On a vote of 80 to 63, the Texas House tentatively approves the map for the Texas Senate

The House also approved the SBOE map earlier in the day. Third readings are expected soon

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October 15, 2021      3:34 PM

Updated: Without making any changes of its own, the Texas Senate passes the House map

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October 15, 2021      9:48 AM

At the urging of Patrick, Abbott adds tuition revenue bonds to the special session call

Here is the announcement from the Office of the Governor.

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October 14, 2021      4:46 PM

SB: Patrick pushes an expanded agenda just as the Texas House appears close to ready to wrap up special sessions

There is growing concern among GOP members that the longer the legislature stays in Austin, the more chances there will be for Don Huffines’ news releases to be copy/pasted by Abbott as special session agenda items

Just as Texas House leadership appears to have put congressional, Texas Senate, and SBOE maps on a fast track that should make it possible for lawmakers to conclude their extended stay in Austin by Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is asking Gov. Greg Abbott to again expand the agenda.

Patrick on Wednesday sent a letter to Abbott asking him to add tuition revenue bonds to the call. It’s a substantive topic, for sure, but it’s one that lawmakers may not have bandwidth to address amid the flurry of the last five days of the special session. Maybe Patrick just assumes a fourth special session is coming.

Or maybe he’s engineering it.

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By Scott Braddock

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October 13, 2021      9:37 PM

On party lines, Texas House Redistricting Committee votes to advance congressional map to the full House

The map remains unchanged from what the Senate passed. Chair Hunter said floor amendments would be considered, but it all seems on a fast track now to keep it unchanged and wrap this up

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October 13, 2021      6:00 PM

As Rep. Talarico announces he will seek election in HD 50, Williamson County Republican Nelson Jarrin announces raising $120,000 in bid for HD 52

"I’m honored to have the support of so many respected community and grassroots leaders and grateful for every donation we’ve received, big and small," Jarrin said.

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October 13, 2021      10:28 AM

Chair Hunter does not offer a Texas House version of congressional map, his committee is hearing the bill as passed by the Texas Senate

But when asked if there would be a committee sub, Hunter said not at this time. Public testimony registration closes at noon

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October 13, 2021      10:11 AM

As currently written, TLR opposes vaccine mandate exemption bill slated for hearing today in Texas House

Here is the letter that TLR’s Lee Parsley sent to members of the Texas House State Affairs Committee. Hat tip to reporter Patrick Svitek, who appears to have tweeted it first.

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October 13, 2021      8:54 AM

Rep. Lyle Larson will not seek reelection

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October 12, 2021      5:03 PM

In something of a surprise, the Texas House splits from the Senate in property tax proposal in SB1

Chair Meyer’s proposal would use $3 billion in federal coronavirus relief to provide a $533 check to everyone who claims a homestead in Texas

An unexpected Texas House substitute for Senate Bill 1 – passed out of Ways & Means this morning – would use $3 billion in American Rescue Plan Act funds to provide a $533 check to everyone who claims a homestead in Texas.

But be careful calling it “property tax relief.” That’s not allowed under current guidelines for federal COVID relief funding. Instead, the House proposal will likely label it something vague. The bill neither compresses property taxes nor differentiates between property values with that single check.

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By Kimberly Reeves

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October 12, 2021      10:57 AM

Newly sworn in Rep. Brian Harrison is appointed to the Texas House Committees on Energy Resources and Licensing & Administrative Procedures

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October 12, 2021      9:49 AM

Here is the Texas House substitute for Senate Bill 8, appropriating federal dollars

Approps voted out its federal spending legislation prior to heading to the floor for redistricting debate

Subscribers can download it.

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October 11, 2021      6:00 PM

SB: Lt. Gov. Patrick clearly wields influence with Trump to intimidate Abbott, state senate candidates, and now Texas House GOP leadership

Texas House GOP campaigns in 2020 helped put Trump over the top in the election he now wants audited; next year’s primaries could be badly delayed if redistricting gets bogged down further thanks to another protracted debate over other election laws

First, it is no secret that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick maintains a friendly and working relationship with former President Donald Trump, who as of late seems quite tuned in to Texas legislative minutiae. In addition to intimidating Gov. Greg Abbott over a “forensic audit” of the 2020 Texas election, Mr. Trump is now also threatening Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan with a primary if even more elections legislation isn’t passed this year.

At GOP events around the state, Patrick often talks to party activists about how he can call Trump on his cell phone at any time to talk about a variety of issues. “Nonstop bragging,” as one Republican put it after attending such a speech. Others thought it was “pretty cool” that Patrick and Trump are close.

How close?

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By Scott Braddock

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October 11, 2021      5:33 PM

Abbott adds to special session agenda a ban on vaccine mandates, even those put in place by private employers

If you just can’t look away, here it is.

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October 11, 2021      12:01 PM

Texas House Redistricting Committee green lights Texas Senate map, 8-6

The committee signed off on the SBOE map as well

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