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October 21, 2019      11:17 PM

Rep. Dan Flynn and Rep. Sarah Davis no longer support Bonnen for speaker

Flynn says he can't support him anymore; Davis says caucus should go ahead and vote on that resolution to call for his resignation

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October 21, 2019      9:52 PM

Phil King joins call for Bonnen to resign as Speaker

Says workaround for ministerial functions can be found

A short time ago, senior Republican and chairman of the Redistricting Committee told Quorum Report, "I have been hesitant to announce this because I was a speaker candidate and I did not want it to be misconstrued as sour grapes. But I strongly encourage Speaker Bonnen to resign as speaker and obviously withdraw all support for any effort by him to serve next session as speaker.

"I recognize there are ministerial functions incumbent to the office of speaker however I am confident that in those limited matters a workaround could be set in place."

By Harvey Kronberg

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October 21, 2019      9:01 PM

Chairmen Huberty, Larson, Paddie, Price and Rep. Frullo say they no longer support Dennis Bonnen for Speaker

Some top chairman abandon the speaker: "As long-serving members of the Texas House, we informed Speaker Bonnen earlier today that we no longer support him as our Speaker."

Here is the full statement.

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October 21, 2019      5:19 PM

SB: Bonnen survival gambit puts Republican members in the firing line with primary voters, exactly what they hoped to avoid in choosing him

After a caucus showdown, Bonnen lived to fight another day but in doing so placed the members in the same box many faced toward the end of Straus’ tenure with grassroots activists demanding to know if they’ll continue to support the speaker

BARTON CREEK RESORT – “There will be a speaker’s race,” said a senior Republican amid a two-day caucus retreat that saw Speaker Dennis Bonnen live to fight another day while grassroots activists and a growing number of members called on him to relinquish the gavel. Even some who are not part of “The X Men” have started to come out against him. Those announcements will no doubt continue to trickle in.

Despite the standing ovation for Bonnen at the gala dinner headlined by Karl Rove, genuine anger was roiling under the surface and the Bonnen camp seemed more concerned about the potential of criminal charges than they’d admit publicly, per several Republican members. Among other reasons, some theorized that perhaps a scandal involving such hostility toward cities and counties won’t be overlooked by a District Attorney whose husband is the city manager in Lake Jackson.

“I think they’re pretty pro-local government in that household,” said one longtime observer of Brazoria County politics.

The rest of the story, subscribers only

By Scott Braddock

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October 21, 2019      4:25 PM

Rep. Allison says GOP caucus statement on Bonnen and Burrows is insufficient

He voted no because “I did not believe such action sufficient to address the serious division, distrust, and harm caused by both men. Even that statement, though, provides indication that Speaker Bonnen and Representative Burrows have been rendered ineffective to continue serving in leadership positions.”

Full statement from Rep. Steve Allison is right here.

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October 21, 2019      4:05 PM

Rep. Stucky says he no longer supports Dennis Bonnen as Speaker

"It was clear from the discussions at the Republican Caucus Retreat that the level of distrust and division within our ranks can only be healed by new leadership..."

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October 18, 2019      6:01 PM

GOP Caucus condemns Bonnen and Burrows words in Sullivan meeting, suggests possibility of endorsing different Speaker candidate

Here is the full statement from the Texas House Republican Caucus

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October 18, 2019      4:06 PM

General Investigating Committee retains bipartisan legal counsel to review Texas Rangers report

The report is not back yet. In the meantime, the committee is preparing to fully understand the findings

Here’s the statement from the General Investigating Committee.

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October 17, 2019      4:55 PM

Rep. Doc Anderson says the time has come for Bonnen to resign

“Sadly, it has become evident that by his actions, speaker Bonnen has not only lost the trust of his colleagues, more importantly, he has lost the trust of the people of Texas. Maintaining the trust and confidence of the people of Texas is paramount and the speaker has betrayed that trust. Therefore, he has no option other than to step down as speaker so that we can begin the important work of restoring the people’s faith in the Texas House of Representatives and in our state government.”

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October 17, 2019      4:54 PM

Rep. Raney calls for Speaker Bonnen to quit

"To plot against and speak ill of colleagues is reprehensible and their subsequent denials are inexcusable. They will be held accountable and trust will be restored with new leadership."

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October 17, 2019      4:19 PM

Sources: John Colyandro leaving Office of the Governor to start new venture

We are told he tearfully made the announcement during a policy shop staff meeting. Apparently taking Julie Frank with him

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October 17, 2019      4:02 PM

Rep. Stan Lambert calls for the resignation of Speaker Bonnen

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October 17, 2019      2:00 PM

After hearing audio, 19 SREC members call on Speaker Bonnen to resign

SREC member Mark Ramsey, who previously helped broker deal to keep the Republican Party of Texas from condemning Bonnen, now writes that he "should appoint a conservative Republican who will support the RPT platform and legislative priorities as Speaker Pro Tempore, replacing the current Democrat Speaker Pro Tempore. House GOP Caucus members should select a new Speaker at their Friday, October 18th meeting."

Here is the Facebook post from Ramsey and other members of the State Republican Executive Committee. Depending on your browser, you may have to right click the link and open it in a new tab.

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October 17, 2019      1:55 PM

Rep. Raymond: All House Members must resolve that this never happens again

Here is the full statement from Rep. Richard Raymond.

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October 17, 2019      11:13 AM

Chairman Darby condemns Bonnen and Burrows, says neither should be in leadership roles

"This has gone on for too long. It is time for the House to begin to heal and rebuild trust, and that can only be accomplished when Speaker Bonnen and Representative Burrows are no longer in leadership positions."

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October 17, 2019      8:49 AM

Rep. Kacal joins those who believe Bonnen should resign

"While I believe that trust should be the cornerstone of the relationship between a Speaker and the membership of the House, it has become abundantly clear that trust no longer exists. Therefore, I believe it to be in the best interest of the Texas House to take action to regain the trust of the body, as well as that of our constituents, and do so under new leadership."

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October 16, 2019      7:31 PM

After caucusing House Democrats make no statement on Bonnen

Not enough members were there for quorum. Chair Chris Turner, however, said that “No one in the room voiced any support or defense of the speaker today.”

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October 16, 2019      5:41 PM

Travis County judge orders Empower Texans to produce communications related to Speaker Bonnen meeting

Communications could include how Michael Quinn Sullivan characterized meeting to Empower Texans donors like Tim Dunn

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October 15, 2019      5:44 PM

HK: Bonnen tape sadly confirms duplicity and willingness to purge Republicans based on one litmus test vote

Criminal investigation is the least of his problems; besides targeting Republicans the tape confirms that as Speaker his primary mission next session would be to silence local governments

The Bonnen/MQS tape has finally seen the light of day.

To a large degree, it confirmed the secondhand reports of those who had been previously privileged to hear it.

In a matter-of-fact conversation with a group that lives and dies on purging Republicans who do not meet their “standards,” Bonnen betrayed the members and particularly the Republicans who elected him.

Within seconds, the Speaker’s office issued a statement: “I have repeatedly called for the recording to be released because it will be immediately clear that no laws were broken. This was nothing more than a political discussion – the problem is that I had it with that guy. My colleagues have always deserved the facts and context this recording provides, and with clear evidence now disproving allegations of criminal wrongdoing, the House can finally move on.”

But for 149 other House members, criminal allegations are less of an issue than outright betrayal. Most damning was the stinging hypocrisy of writing in the rules that incumbents could not campaign against other incumbents while the Speaker is paving the way for outside groups to go after targeted Republicans. We learned that Speaker Bonnen thinks he has some control over how Texans for Lawsuit Reform spends its campaign dollars, less so with Associated Republicans of Texas.

The rest of the story, subscribers only

By Harvey Kronberg

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October 15, 2019      5:41 PM

Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer says Bonnen conduct on audio is a betrayal of the House

"As we continue to process the revelations from the tapes, I will only ask my colleagues to remember that this institution is greater than any one individual. We will be defined by how we choose to resolve this incident—not as Republicans or Democrats, but as elected members with a responsibility to protect the dignity of the House."

Full statement here.

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October 15, 2019      9:13 AM

Audio of Bonnen Sullivan meeting is released

Here is the link to the page where it is posted. Scroll down to “full audio” to listen to it in full. It is easier to find right here on the Chris Salcedo webpage at WBAP radio.

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October 14, 2019      12:50 PM

SB: Planned Tuesday release of Bonnen audio may be more defense than offense by MQ Sullivan

Lawsuit headed to court that afternoon isn’t solely focused on the June 12 audio; plaintiffs are also seeking any other recordings Empower Texans may have of Bonnen and Burrows as well as documents related to this controversy

It’s all coming to a head now, apparently.

After months of a political fan dance that weeks ago lost the interest of even some Texas Capitol observers, we are now told the audio of Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s controversial June 12 Empower Texans meeting will be released Tuesday morning.

Chairman Tim Dunn’s spokesman, Michael Quinn Sullivan, said in an email today that the full audio will be released online around 9am Tuesday. Right around that same time, Sullivan is also slated to appear on WBAP radio in Dallas/Fort Worth to talk about the controversy and play clips of the audio.

Being prepared with specific portions of the audio ready to air on the radio would suggest at least some collaboration with the radio host, Chris Salcedo, whose show also airs on the Houston radio station owned by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

The rest of the story, subscribers only

By Scott Braddock

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October 14, 2019      8:46 AM

In bid to succeed Rep. Blanco in the Texas House, Elisa Tamayo unveils support of El Paso delegation

Here is the announcement from the campaign of Elisa Tamayo.

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October 14, 2019      8:24 AM

MQ Sullivan says he will release audio Tuesday morning

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