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December 21, 2020      4:32 PM

Sen. Cornyn lays out what is expected on unspent CARES Act funding; says Abbott asked for extension

“So, any of that CARES Act money that state the state or local governments got, they now will have another year to spend it hopefully in a more effective and reasonable way,” Cornyn told reporters

The final appropriations bill of the year will include language giving states – like Texas – another year to spend funding appropriated under the CARES Act.

Texas sits on $2 billion in unspent federal funding. That’s a fraction of the $11.4 billion the state was funded for COVID relief, and a tiny sliver of the $137.1 billion the feds sent to Texas, mostly to businesses and individuals.

Advocates will support an additional year the bill gives for spending. Critics may say it is another way for Texas to take money intended for local support and use it to shore up shortfalls in the state’s upcoming budget.

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