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August 6, 2019      8:35 PM

SB: The mercy of the Texas House

After repeated denials, Speaker Bonnen now pleads for forgiveness and immediately gets it from some Republicans and singled-out Democrats; all the emotion of the day omits the central allegation of bribery: an alleged quid pro quo involving government action in exchange for directing PAC dollars to be spent against incumbents

After he sent the email equivalent of getting down on one’s knees to beg for forgiveness, some Republicans and the singled-out Democratic members of the Texas House gave Speaker Dennis Bonnen public absolution. Quite a few members to go, but Republicans are taking to Twitter one after another to say it’s time to “move on” after the controversial meeting with the spokesman for Empower Texans.

And while those Republicans including Chair Jeff Leach have seen their political influence grow under the speaker, longtime Democratic observers were slapping their heads asking “why in the world” Rep. Jon Rosenthal, D-Houston, was so quick to forgive after Bonnen trash talked him to Michael Quinn Sullivan?

A source with knowledge of the meeting between Bonnen and Rosenthal offered this explanation:

By Scott Braddock

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