I get an error trying to download documents to my Mac. What should I do?

We use a piece of code to ensure that the document is being downloaded to your system rather than overwriting our web page. This code triggers your browser to download the file. Macs sometimes will want to try to display the file in your browser, but don't know how, so they give you an error message. Fortunately, this is very easy to work with.

The error message you get will look something like this:

Unhandled file type:
Internet Explorer does not know how to handle the type of file you have selected.
You can choose to save this file to your disk or you can configure a helper application for this file.
Mime Type: Application/unknown
Filename: Downloadit.cfm

You will be presented with buttons to "Cancel", "Save File As", "Get Plug-In", "Configure Application"

Simply choose "Save File As". You will then be presented with a dialog box allowing you to specify where to save the file. Choose your directory and then click "Save" The file will be saved with the correct name and file extension and can be opened on your computer.