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February 7, 2024      10:55 AM

Texas legislative candidates reinforced with cash as PACs support Abbott and Paxton's retribution tours

The 30-day reports are in and what do you know?

Potentially vulnerable incumbents appear a bit more vulnerable but with decent fundraising hauls and the challengers are hoping to show off a bit.

Amid Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton’s full court presses against incumbents for different reasons, members are pushing back.

By targeting members of their own party, grifters are cleaning up and otherwise solid members can only hope their desk mate is back next cycle. With districts across the state flooded with third-party cash and a flurry of high-profile rallies and other activity, every dollar really does count.

Let’s take a look at who got what and who didn’t. And as always, feel free to point out anything to us in the reports that you think deserves a closer look.

The summary:

By James Russell

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