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March 29, 2024      2:25 PM

People on the Move

Notable retirements, significant hires, some staffing changes, and more

The oak pollen in Austin left me basically with no voice earlier in the week.

But don’t worry it’s back just in time to drop a new Texas Take Podcast later today. Jeremy Wallace and I will get into exactly how Attorney General Ken Paxton was able to avoid a trial on securities fraud charges in Houston. Plus, the record needs to be set straight now that some pro-school voucher operatives are trying to refute our reporting about the Texas GOP primary. Subscribe to the Texas Take podcast on your favorite podcast app and the new edition will show up on your phone later this afternoon. You can always find all the latest episodes right here. Depending your broswer, you might have to right click that link and open it in a new tab.

After a bit of a lull, the primary runoffs are about to pick up again next week and you can expect the bludgeoning of incumbent Republicans to be even more severe than it was during the first two months of the year.

By Scott Braddock

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