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April 2, 2024      5:28 PM

KXAN reports at least 20 UT employees linked to DEI are fired

KXAN with the details:

Several sources have confirmed with KXAN that at least 20 employees from the University of Texas at Austin, who worked within the realm of diversity, equity and inclusion, have been terminated.

In an email to the campus on Tuesday, UT President Jay Hartzell said the university has “eliminated” its positions and programs under the Division of Campus and and Community Engagement (DCCE). This is due to Senate Bill 17, “which prohibits many activities around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).”

KXAN spoke with an employee who works on DCCE’s operation team who said they were called to an emergency meeting on Tuesday morning where they were notified they were being let go, effective July 5.

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