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September 14, 2023      5:00 PM

Updated: New poll shows Paxton is a known quantity with Texas GOP primary voters but their opinion of him is dropping amid impeachment trial

And it’s an uphill battle for third party groups supporting Paxton: Only 21 percent of GOP primary voters say information they’re seeing recently gives them a better impression of him, 36 percent said the opposite

A new poll of Texas GOP primary voters shows name ID for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is high but he’s not held in nearly as high esteem as other Republican officeholders including Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, or former President Donald Trump. In fact, his negatives are exponentially higher in this poll.

While Paxton’s name ID among Republican primary voters is 94 percent – as compared to 99 percent for Abbott, Cruz, and Trump – these numbers indicate the AG is much more divisive within a party that is increasingly viewing him in a negative light.

How does Paxton compare to other top GOP officeholders?

By Scott Braddock

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