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September 13, 2023      12:24 PM

Updated: Former body man to Paxton tells Senate he had concerns about Nate Paul’s involvement in Paxton home renovations, Buzbee tries to introduce an affidavit from Sen. Paxton

Buzbee wants Patrick to allow a sworn affidavit from Sen. Paxton to refute Drew Wicker’s testimony about home remodeling; Lt. Gov. Patrick said both sides have come to some agreement about that and it won’t come up again until Thursday at the earliest

The former body man for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who was often described as Paxton’s “second son” told the Senate on Wednesday that he had serious concerns about whether Austin developer Nate Paul was involved in renovations to Paxton’s home.

Evidence of Paul potentially paying for renovations to Paxton’s home is, of course, a key element of trying to show that Paxton accepted bribes for the man who House impeachment managers have argued repeatedly received special treatment from the Office of the Attorney General.

But while Drew Wicker did later say he wasn’t accusing Paxton of anything specific, the defense sought to introduce evidence in the form of a sworn affidavit signed by Sen. Angela Paxton, raising a significant question for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as he presides over the impeachment trial.

By Scott Braddock

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