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September 12, 2023      5:30 PM

Houston attorney hired by Paxton to run interference for Nate Paul says the AG jerked him around, refused to pay

"I had a whole entire life before this," Cammack said, blaming Paxton for the way his reputation has been damaged by his involvement in the Nate Paul situation.

He was misled and unpaid.

That's the upshot of the testimony from the young attorney who was drafted by suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to run interference on investigations of Austin developer Nate Paul.

As the impeachment trial of Paxton entered its sixth day in the Texas Senate, Brandon Cammack was on the stand to tell senators that when he was hired by Paxton in 2020, he reported directly to the AG, was later jerked around by some of the AG’s staff, and ultimately not paid for his work.

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