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September 11, 2023      4:37 PM

Former Chief of Staff to the AG testifies that Paxton lied about extramarital affair at first, later ignored ethical concerns about it

The AG’s former Chief said she talked to Paxton about the "ethical implications of a secret affair," which could open the door for "bribery and misuse of office”

After suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton's defense attorneys fought through a flurry of objections to keep it out, Paxton's alleged extramarital affair was discussed at some length during the impeachment proceedings in the Texas Senate on Monday.

Former Chief of Staff to Paxton, Katherine "Missy" Clary, testified that her "heart broke" for Sen. Angela Paxton as it became clear in 2018 that the AG was having an affair with Laura Olson. That’s the former Sen. Donna Campbell staffer who had been hired by Austin investor and Paxton contributor Nate Paul.

By Scott Braddock

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