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March 30, 2021      4:31 PM

Texas House passes slate of electricity reform bills

Speaker Phelan said the bills are “important first steps” and added “The actions taken by the House will help restore confidence in our critical infrastructure after the catastrophic mismanagement of our electric grid last month."

There’s no one silver bullet to fix what happened during the “snowpaocalypse,” “snowcane,” or “snowmageddon,” that shut down the state and left many without power and water in February, said State Affairs Chair Chris Paddie, R-Marshall. But the package voted on in the Texas House on Tuesday are a good start.

For the record, “snowcane” is the preferred term of Redistricting Chairman Todd Hunter, R-Corpus Christi.

The six bills faced no little resistance from members. Most were passed to engrossment unanimously. Third readings are slated for Wednesday.

By James Russell

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