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April 1, 2021      3:22 PM

HB 6 redux as Texas House Elections Committee hears election bill

After last week’s debacle in committee, Rep. Clardy takes gavel instead of Vice Chair Gonzalez as Cain defends election law changes

House Bill 6 would change the election code in different ways, primarily by beefing up enforcement of current laws and create several new election fraud-related crimes. Among the bill’s provisions are increasing protections for partisan poll watchers and making it a crime for interfering with their duties barring local officials from sending vote-by-mail applications unless the voter requests one; and requiring people to fill out documentation if they help another person vote who has a disability or cannot fill out a ballot.

Cain’s second time to lay out the bill was much less rocky in large part because everything had been staged up differently.

Instead of Vice Chair Jessica González, D-Dallas, presiding as Cain laid out his bill, Rep. Travis Clardy, R- Nacogdoches, instead held the gavel.

By James Russell

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