The Rules For Posting Directly On The Website:


  1. You must register in order to post. For the time being, the posting and the
    calendar are available to both subscribers and non-subscribers alike.
  2. No "tentative" dates. The event must actually be scheduled, booked and real
  3. If an event is cancelled, we must be notified. Leaving cancelled events on the
    calendar is a capital offense.
  4. Keep your description of the event simple and clean. No prose, no advocacy.
    Just the facts.
  5. The types of events that we seek include, fundraisers, receptions, public
    speeches, candidate forums, candidate schools, TV appearances, association
    conventions and major meetings, demonstrations and protests and the like.
  6. We reserve the right of final judgement on any and all postings.
  7. Abusers of the privilege of direct posting will be severely chastised, and then