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March 21, 2023      3:24 PM

Paltry showing at Abbott Texas Capitol school voucher rally

Law enforcement on scene estimated roughly 200 in attendance; former Gov. Perry is now a spokesman for parental empowerment but stops short of endorsing vouchers, TASB poll shows the more people hear about vouchers, the less they like ‘em

One day ahead of what's sure to be a marathon Texas Senate hearing on the school voucher proposal backed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a new poll shows that the "more Texans learn about voucher programs, the less likely they are to support them."

The Texas Association of School Boards released the poll on the same day Gov. Greg Abbott headlined a pro-voucher rally on the north steps of the Texas Capitol. Despite organizers’ efforts to bus people in from San Antonio and Houston, law enforcement on the scene estimated that about 200 people were in attendance in weather that could be described as barely inclement.

By Scott Braddock

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