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December 6, 2022      5:30 PM

With a backdrop of hard feelings stemming from the protracted quorum break, three Dems face off for a shot to lead the Texas House Democratic Caucus

True in the March primary and now: “It is an understatement to say that the order in which Democratic lawmakers returned to the floor last year still causes hard feelings within the Texas House Democratic Caucus.”

Three members face off tomorrow, December 7th, to succeed Chairman Chris Turner as Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair.

After today’s reported loss of Mexican American Legislative Caucus Vice Chair Mary Gonzalez to challenger Rep. Christina Morales of Houston, it is clear that some lingering hard feelings from last year’s protracted quorum break absolutely cast a shadow over the leadership elections this week.

Gonzalez, Quorum Report readers will recall, was among the first Democrats to return after traveling to Washinton. Others who came back alongside her included Representatives Joe Moody and James Talarico. At that time, members and staffers were furiously sending texts like this: “Tell me who’s on the floor right now.”

By James Russell

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