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May 11, 2022      6:01 PM

In starting his push for school vouchers, Gov. Abbott tells rural Republicans there is no upside or downside for them

Abbott also told radio host Chad Hasty that when it comes to concerns among homeschoolers and private schools that public dollars will eventually lead to state mandates about curriculum, that’s the kind of thing lawmakers “will have to hammer out”

After earlier this week going further than any Texas governor has ever gone in clearly supporting a school voucher program, Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday took to the airwaves in some rural parts of the state to make his case in places where “school choice” has traditionally been met with the strongest opposition among Republicans.

On the Chad Hasty Radio Show, airing in Lubbock, Abilene, and Wichita Falls, Gov. Abbott said rural Texans may view vouchers as “irrelevant” because private and charter schools aren’t available in those communities. Instead, parents there rely almost exclusively on public schools. Abbott went so far as to say people in Lubbock, for example, probably universally support their public schools.

"But what that means is it doesn't change anything at all in the rural regions in the state of Texas,” Abbott said of his pledge that public schools will remain “fully funded.”

By Scott Braddock

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