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August 3, 2021      4:10 PM

Sources: Gov. Abbott privately proposed veto of legislative funding as early as 2019

Even at a time of less partisan rancor in Austin, the governor was said to be plotting to cancel a coequal branch of government

After the night of May 30 when Texas House Democrats staged a dramatic, albeit brief, quorum break to kill the regular session’s omnibus elections legislation, Gov. Greg Abbott has said he came up with a novel idea to punish them for “walking off the job.”

Gov. Abbott promised to use his line-item veto to cancel funding for the legislative branch of government. He followed through on June 18.

Though Abbott and some Republicans in the Legislature – but not all of them – have made the case that the veto was a new idea to perhaps lure Democrats back from Washington, sources tell Quorum Report this is not the first time Abbott has said he wanted to take aim at the Legislative branch of government in this fashion.

By Scott Braddock

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