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May 18, 2023      5:06 PM

Speaker Phelan surprisingly cites US Congressional rules as authority to change a bill analysis without Texas House approval

In an after the fact effort to legitimize unauthorized changes to a bill analysis, the Chair makes vague reference but offers no specific citation so Texas House members can understand the real rules of the road

In my recent column I raised serious concerns about a “corrected” bill analysis on the controversial SB 14 (prohibiting gender affirming treatments) distributed to the members at 3:21 AM on the day of the actual debate.

Again, the column was not about the substance of the bill but rather, the process. SB 14 was a must pass bill for leadership and GOP members in their primaries. The outcome was never in doubt.

We reported that nothing in Texas House Rules permitted a “corrected” bill analysis without the traditional House approval allowing either recommittal to committee or the actual change to a government document.

By Harvey Kronberg

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