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May 18, 2023      9:30 PM

Roughly $25,000 raised so far as Quorum Report teams with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fight blood cancer in Central Texas

Thanks so much to those who have joined in the effort. The link to contribute is below - SB and HK

As you may know, the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is deeply personal to us at Quorum Report. Harvey Kronberg's wife, Michele Kronberg, passed away suddenly in 2017 after a leukemia diagnosis. To say it was devastating would be an understatement. That's why when I was asked to help raise money to fight blood cancers this year, the choice was clear.

We are doing this.

“Although it was not the direct cause of my sweet Michele’s passing, it was definitely contributory to her leaving me way too soon," Mr. Kronberg said. "So many of our friends and loved ones have struggled with these diseases. I could not be more pleased that Scott is helping lead this year’s effort to continue fighting these diseases and hope that you will join us in the effort to end this scourge once and for all.”

This year, I am proud to participate in the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Visionaries of the Year campaign as a team member, working to make the largest impact possible for LLS's mission. Every dollar you give helps in the fight.

Click here to donate. Depending on your browser, you may have to right click and open in a new tab.

Thank you so much -SB

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