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May 23, 2023      4:07 PM

Attorney General Paxton calls on Speaker Phelan to resign

The indicted AG says Phelan was drunk Friday when presiding over the House. Phelan's defenders say he looked fine before and after a video that was promoted online by the same people who bankrolled former Rep. Bryan Slaton's campaigns but have had nothing to say about Slaton's scandal that drove him from office

Attorney General Ken Paxton, under indictment himself for the better part of a decade and facing an FBI probe for alleged corruption, on Tuesday said Texas House Speake Dade Phelan should resign because of a viral video that showed him slurring his speech. The video began circulating online over the weekend.

Paxton, without definitive proof, said the video showed the speaker was intoxicated on the job.

The video was promoted on social media by Phelan's detractors including former Rep. Jonathan Stickland as well as Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi. The video was also sent to voters around the state in targeted text messages in the last 48 to 72 hours. Those targeted text messages did not include disclaimers, as required by Texas law, saying who paid for them.

By Scott Braddock

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