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January 7, 2019      5:49 PM

Grusendorf: Sunlight Ahead for the Great State of Texas

Former GOP House Chairman Kent Grusendorf weighs in on the changing of the guard in the lower chamber

Texans are getting encouraging signals from incoming Speaker to be Dennis Bonnen that he is open to returning the office of speaker to a more traditional role –that of a presiding officer, not a commanding officer.  This is a very encouraging signal for democracy coming from the new incoming speaker.

At a recent event in East Texas, Bonnen was quoted as saying:  It is not the speaker’s job to tell [house members] the answer to the question. You might identify the question, but you don’t provide the answer. You provide the leadership to ensure that we get to a solution."  That comment is a very good signal for progress.

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By Kent Grusendorf

January 3, 2019      4:05 PM

Grusendorf: Fed up

Former GOP Texas House chairman Kent Grusendorf argues that “if the federal government, through monetary policy, drugs the economy for an extended period of time, it must use an ultimate degree of caution when it manipulates the withdrawal.”

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell is correct; interest rates have been far too low for far too long.  However, current Fed actions are creating extreme havoc upon the US economy.  That is not unusual, as most modern recessions have been caused by poor monetary policy implementation by the Federal Reserve.

For 126 months, ten and a half years, the Fed did not raise interest rates.  Yet, over the past couple of years they have raised rates nine times.  Additionally, the FED is reducing its balance sheet by selling bonds.  Both actions create a drain on liquidity thereby slowing the economy.  

Timing is everything.  

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By Kent Grusendorf

December 3, 2018      6:11 PM

Pauken: How to win by losing

From the Right: Former Texas GOP Chairman Tom Pauken argues Beto O’Rourke will be the first Democrat in modern history to run statewide in Texas whose career isn’t ended by his loss

Beto O’Rourke may have narrowly lost the race for the U.S. Senate in Texas to Ted Cruz (the final results show Cruz with 51% of the vote and O’Rourke 48%), but he outperformed any Democrat in a statewide race since the 1990s.

 Moreover, he was able to raise and spend over $70 million in his campaign, the largest sum ever raised for a Senate race in Texas – and nearly twice as much as the incumbent Ted Cruz raised.

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By Tom Pauken

November 20, 2018      5:04 PM

Coppedge: Thoughts from Behind the Pine Curtain

In this guest column, Dr. John Coppedge argues “we are entering a new but familiar phase in Texas electoral politics...the same kind of phase occurred in the late 1980's and early 1990's when the dominance of the Texas Democrats faded and the Republican era of the last three decades began."

The 2018 General Election will go down as a pivotal election for Texas, especially for the Texas judiciary. Just as 1988 began the quantum shift to the Republican column, now some 30 years later the pendulum is swinging back the other way.

Long predicted because of demographic trends, Democrat dominance in the major Court of Appeals this cycle is the forerunner of what will come next. While Republicans continued to win all the statewide races, the margins are getting thinner.

And buoyed by the 2018 results, Democrats will come out breathing fire in 2020.

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By Dr. John Coppedge

November 19, 2018      12:07 PM

Moseley: Texas Association of Business legislative priorities for the 86th Texas Legislature

In this guest column, TAB President and CEO Jeff Moseley lays out what the largest group representing employers in the state wants to see accomplished next spring

January marks the beginning of the 86th Texas Legislature and a fresh start for Texas. Each session, thousands of bills are filed, and a significant portion of this legislation will have an impact on business within the state.

By supporting initiatives that encourage economic growth and provide good paying jobs for more Texans, the Texas Association of Business has always been at the forefront of making sure Texas is the best place to work, run a business, and raise a family.

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By Jeff Moseley