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August 10, 2020      4:05 PM

SB: Scramble for Texas Senate seat could create a question about Texas House majority

If a Texas House member wins the race for Fallon’s Senate seat, it is possible they’d leave the GOP caucus down a vote at a time when the House majority is in question

After Sen. Pat Fallon’s impressive though not unexpected victory this weekend in the insider’s race to be the GOP nominee for Congressional District 4 – being vacated by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe – rumors are flying and announcements are expected quickly in the coming race to succeed him in the Texas Senate.

If the early buzz is any indication, it’ll perhaps be more of a rural versus suburban fight than a “conservative versus moderate” one.

But there are other fault lines developing and there’s some chatter about whether House members considering a promotion could put the GOP House majority at risk when it comes time to vote for a new speaker.

By Scott Braddock

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