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February 12, 2019      2:52 PM

Senate sources: Patrick may seek to pass blocker bills, making it possible to bring SB 2 to the floor with simple majority

With SB2 in committee once again this afternoon, Senate leadership may get creative to keep it on track

Multiple Texas Senate sources are telling Quorum Report that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick may seek to pass this session’s property tax “reform” bill through the upper chamber by bypassing the three-fifths rule that he helped create.

Patrick, it seems, is in a box and cannot find 19 votes as of yet to bring the bill to the floor under the “blocker bill” scenario that currently exists. But if those “blocker bills” are passed, then there would be no need to take Senate Bill 2 out of regular order if it is next out of committee and placed on the Intent Calendar.

By Scott Braddock

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