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February 20, 2018      6:47 PM

Gov. Abbott frames Davis vs Dokupil race as fight for the future of the GOP and Texas

In stump speech, Abbott says Chair Davis should be “telling people that she is the Democrat that she votes to be”; Davis launches TV ads warning of Dokupil’s “whacky” ideas and dangerous allies

BELLAIRE – One day after his top strategist Dave Carney said all Texas House Republicans are Democrats, Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday took his vendetta against non-compliant members of the Legislature to the next level with the first of a series of rallies for GOP challengers.

The one this evening was for Chair Sarah Davis’ primary opponent Susanna Dokupil, a former employee of Abbott’s when he was Attorney General.

Because nothing says “Bellaire” quite like “Kingwood,” co-founder of the Kingwood Tea Party Robin Lennon introduced Dokupil to a small crowd gathered at Evelyn’s Park.

“I never wanted to be a politician. Never,” Dokupil said. “What changed that for me was the last legislative session,” she said, arguing Davis and other House Republicans were guilty of “blocking solid conservative reforms.”

By Scott Braddock

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