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January 13, 2017      5:33 PM

MQ Sullivan, frequent critic of perks for lawmakers, enjoyed complimentary A&M Chancellor suite seats

While the House seeks more disclosure of campaign finances and the Senate is more focused on perks, head of politically active nonprofit enjoys free tickets at Kyle Field in the Chancellor’s box

For years, Tim Dunn’s Empower Texans has bashed lawmakers for enjoying freebies, specifically things like tickets to UT Football, often making the argument that average citizens do not get to “rub elbows” with “powerful people.”

Dunn’s spokesman, Michael Quinn Sullivan, has often led the charge on this, tweeting and blogging his criticism of Texas House members for partaking in something Quorum Report has now learned he does himself.

Per records obtained by QR under the Texas Public Information Act, Sullivan was given free tickets to the September 13, 2016 Texas A&M football game against the University of California at Los Angeles, which he watched from Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp’s suite.

By James Russell

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