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March 8, 2017      6:22 PM

In rare moment of agreement among abortion stakeholders, Chairman Cook lays out fetal remains bill

Groups like Texas Alliance for Life, Texans for Life, and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas agree the bill has the right goal; meantime abortion “abolitionists” demand a bill that outlaws it altogether

In a rare moment at the Capitol, major groups on both sides of the abortion debate came together during a Texas House State Affairs Committee meeting to praise the goal of the fetal remains bill put forward by Chairman Byron Cook.

But, no hearing dealing with anything related to the abortion issue would be complete without nasty rhetoric and people playing dirty tricks.

House Bill 35’s aim, Cook said, is to prohibit what he has often called an “abhorrent” practice of disposing of a fetus by placing it in a garbage disposal – it’s something that’s been allowed in Texas for nearly 30 years.

In laying out the bill, Chairman Cook credited his Chief of Staff Toni Barcellona for discovering in April of last year that the practice was allowed by rule. She made the discovery while preparing for an interim hearing on fetal tissue research, Cook said.

By Scott Braddock

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