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February 10, 2015      5:01 PM

Tension grows between the House and Senate over border deployment of National Guard

Speaker Straus says he appreciates Lt. Gov. Patrick’s push for an interrupted deployment of troops, but “Governor Abbott is the Commander in Chief and he will decide whether to extend the National Guard’s deployment.” No comment from Abbott

Flanked by Republican State Senators during a quick speech, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Tuesday said that he intends to do all he can to make sure there is no interruption in the deployment of the Texas National Guard on the Mexican border for the next two years. His announcement, though, was met with a less-than-enthusiastic response from across the Texas Capitol in the House of Representatives, where the leadership was quick to remind Patrick of who runs the National Guard.

Saying Mexican drug cartels are “ramping up” and potential terrorism is afoot ahead of the planned drawdown of troops next month, Patrick said The Legislature needs to act now. “Under no circumstances should we have a complete pullout of the National Guard next month,” Patrick said.

Lt. Gov. Patrick said he and Gov. Greg Abbott “stand shoulder to shoulder” when it comes to border security. He also said he would work with House Speaker Joe Straus to quickly approve $12 million to continue the border surge in its current form – complete with National Guard and Department of Public Safety troopers – through May. Patrick also wants a supplemental bill to keep guardsmen on the border through the summer.

By Scott Braddock