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August 15, 2012      1:54 PM


Decision by state judge handed down in time for law to be implemented there by Election Day; appeal to that state's highest court expected

From the Washington Post's write-up:

"Pennsylvania acknowledged that it would not attempt to prove that voter impersonation fraud—the kind that would be stopped by photo ID laws—had occurred in the commonwealth, or that it was likely to occur in the coming election without the law.

"But it said requiring ID was a rational decision by the legislature to protect the voting process and had such a right under the state constitution."

The reporter for the Post also indicated that the state judge's ruling in Pennsylvania relied heavily on the U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld Indiana's Voter ID law, giving states broad discretion in requiring photo ID to vote as a way to prevent voter fraud.

Of course, the big difference between the situation of those two states and Texas, where a challenge to its Voter ID law is ongoing, is that neither Indiana nor Pennsylvania are subject to the pre-clearance requirements under the Voting Rights Act, which puts the burden of proof on Texas to show that its law does not discriminate against minorities.