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May 19, 2023      4:50 PM

People on the Move

An abbreviated edition of POTM as we head toward end of session

10 days.

You can do it.

Some lobby, staff, and members say we’re well past the point that “if it isn’t my bill, I don’t care anymore.” I get it. As mentioned yesterday, People on the Move tends to take a little hiatus during the last portion of the session. Most folks who are about to make some kind of career move aren’t ready to share the news with the capitol community just yet, but it’ll happen soon enough as the dust settles from the session. There’s no more efficient way to let everyone know what’s happening than to have it appear in the pages of Quorum Report. You can send your career news – or someone else’s – anytime to ksbraddock@gmail.com. Please use POTM in the subject line for fastest service.

Thanks so much. Here’s the latest edition of People on the Move.

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