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May 24, 2023      2:21 PM

HK: Two hours of extraordinary testimony puts AG Ken Paxton on glide path to impeachment

Phelan takes control of the narrative, the Speaker can call the House back in on his own for Impeachment. Talk turns to Abbott choice to replace Paxton.

In two hours of the most riveting testimony seen in the Texas Capitol since hearings were first streamed, four attorneys, all with deep experience in public integrity issues revealed the results of their investigation of Attorney General Ken Paxton. The depth and breadth of their revelations stunned the committee and are at this very moment reverberating throughout the Capitol.

We will get to the politics and procedure in a moment.

Others will catalog the dozens of allegations of improprieties, unethical and yes, potential criminal behavior. The investigators even laid out a list of subjectsv for potential criminal prosecutions resulting from their documented findings.

There were multiple tracks or transgressions ranging from the reasonably well-known indictment for securities fraud and subsequent investigations of Paxton for the same offenses in 2012 even after having been sued in 2009.

But some of the more damning allegations to come to light were Paxton’s personal interventions including allegedly handing off to Nate Paul unredacted law enforcement files justifying the search warrant of the Austin developer.

By Harvey Kronberg

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