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October 15, 2021      5:33 PM

Updated: Texas business groups come out in force against ban on vaccine mandates for private employers

AGC-TBB, TLR, TAB, NFIB, Texas REALTORS, Chemical Council, Texas Civil Justice League, CPAS, Hotels and Lodging, TMA, Texas Trucking Association, multiple Chambers, and many others urge lawmakers to vote no on anything like SB51 by Sen. Hughes

From the statement, which is now signed by even more business groups:

"We believe strongly that legislation of this kind represents an unprecedented intrusion into the liberty of employers to operate their businesses as they see fit. Texas’ successful business climate is premised upon this fundamental liberty, but this legislation undermines it by placing employers in an impossible position between federal and state mandates. It will also subject employers to potentially crippling litigation costs at both the federal and state levels with no ability to protect themselves against this risk."

Check this out for the whole thing.

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