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October 14, 2021      4:46 PM

SB: Patrick pushes an expanded agenda just as the Texas House appears close to ready to wrap up special sessions

There is growing concern among GOP members that the longer the legislature stays in Austin, the more chances there will be for Don Huffines’ news releases to be copy/pasted by Abbott as special session agenda items

Just as Texas House leadership appears to have put congressional, Texas Senate, and SBOE maps on a fast track that should make it possible for lawmakers to conclude their extended stay in Austin by Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is asking Gov. Greg Abbott to again expand the agenda.

Patrick on Wednesday sent a letter to Abbott asking him to add tuition revenue bonds to the call. It’s a substantive topic, for sure, but it’s one that lawmakers may not have bandwidth to address amid the flurry of the last five days of the special session. Maybe Patrick just assumes a fourth special session is coming.

Or maybe he’s engineering it.

By Scott Braddock

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