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April 6, 2021      5:30 PM

Lt. Gov. Patrick rages against corporations opposing election law changes but rejects punishing them with higher tax bills

“Nothing has changed for mail in ballots, election day, or early voting and anyone who says different is lying to you,” said Patrick, describing Democrats and some in “the media” as a “nest of liars”

Looking aggravated throughout a morning news conference at the Texas Capitol, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick lashed out at corporations like American Airlines and Microsoft for opposing proposed election law changes under Senate Bill 7.

Screaming at times during his remarks, Patrick said accusations of racism against Republicans “will not stand.” He also argued that corporations have had it both ways in Texas: Benefitting from a low tax environment while sometimes criticizing the decisions of GOP leadership in Austin on various issues.

But when asked point blank whether some of those companies ought to lose tax incentives when moving to Texas, Patrick backed up: "This is not a quid pro quo,” Patrick said, adding that he was not interested in punishing companies that do not agree with specific policy proposals.

By Scott Braddock

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