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January 7, 2021      10:19 AM

HK: Will the upcoming session be driven once again by fear of the next Republican primary?

Democratic implosion in November consigns the Texas general election back to the trash heap; perhaps a session truncated by the pandemic is a good thing after all

Of course Ted Cruz would be one of the Senators objecting to certifying the electoral college. Like his counterpart Josh Hawley of Missouri, Cruz has a world class legal education, clerked for a Supreme Court Justice (Rehnquist), and was a brilliant litigator when serving as Texas solicitor general. Like Hawley, he knows full well this is show business, not preserving and defending the Constitution. Some of the same arguments promoted by Cruz and his allies to challenge the results would also disqualify Texas’ votes for Trump since Governor Greg Abbott changed election rules without the consent of the Legislature.

This political theater is a freebie since it has little chance of success but does put Cruz on the short list announcing his candidacy for President in 2024. Perhaps more to the point, it is also symptomatic of what may be coming in the next Legislative session

So enough of the obvious.

By Harvey Kronberg

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