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April 1, 2021      8:21 PM

As American Airlines and Lt. Gov. Patrick clash over proposed election law changes, Microsoft and other employers join opposition to SB7 and HB6

Fort Worth-based carrier says it is “strongly opposed” to SB7; Patrick claims American’s CEO and GR folks have not read the bill, Microsoft says the omnibus elections bills "could criminalize honest mistakes”

The world’s largest airline and the Texas Senate’s presiding officer spent part of Thursday trading barbs over the Senate’s late-night vote to overhaul parts of the state’s election laws. Meantime, Microsoft became the latest major employer with a footprint in Texas to blast changes proposed in the elections omnibus bills moving this week in both chambers of the Legislature.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines released a statement late in the day blasting Senate Bill 7, which among other things limits hours for early voting, outlaws drive through voting, and makes other changes that critics believe will disenfranchise minority voters.

By Scott Braddock

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