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October 19, 2020      5:00 PM

SB: The first symptoms of a speaker race

Regardless of the election outcome, some Republicans want to figure out how to avoid a repeat of the buyer’s remorse they felt two years ago; above all, veteran members want a speaker who will defend the Texas House

The quiet mutterings about the coming speaker’s race are now rising to the level of a low hum. In the weeks to come, it’ll hit warp speed. So, let’s talk about it now, shall we?

For months, members on both sides of the aisle have either kept their powder completely dry – largely avoiding the discussion altogether – or they have been whispering amongst themselves in very specific silos.

But coming up soon, some Texas House Republicans plan to gather to discuss it. Nothing official is slated and there are no declared candidates. But members have gathered in smaller groups already and there’s a sense among some that a broader discussion of what members want to see in a speaker, whether Republican or Democratic, should be had now so the body isn’t caught off guard as many were when retiring Rep. Dennis Bonnen ascended to the chair.

A few key things to remember about how that unfolded two years ago:

By Scott Braddock

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