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October 9, 2020      11:09 AM

People on the Move

Speaker’s staff moving on, OAG staff moving on, lobby moves, and more

DALLAS – Democrats have serious money and they are using it. Republicans are on the ground – with the cash on hand advantage – and aggressively knocking doors around here, working overtime to differentiate themselves from President Donald Trump as more political professionals coalesce around this idea: If Democrats take the Texas House majority, their road to victory runs through the Metroplex because of the concentration of competitive races in DFW. But that doesn’t mean we’re not keeping a close eye on the Houston area as well.

More on all that coming up.

Meantime, many of you are making news of your own through your career moves. You can always brag on yourself or a friend – or tattle on an adversary, it’s okay – by letting the Texas Capitol community know what’s up. ksbraddock@gmail.com is the email address to use. The subject line should include “POTM” to make sure I don’t miss it amid the blizzard of campaign emails coming my way. Thanks so much.

Here's the latest edition of People on the Move.

By Scott Braddock

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