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February 7, 2020      11:26 AM

People on the Move

Significant hires at trade groups, a legislative pro opens his own shop, new staffers in legislative offices, and a veteran journalist moves “to the dark side”

Was it “chaos” in Iowa? No, it was people standing around waiting like you would if you were at the service department while the mechanics finished up work on your car or truck.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg declaring victory and moving on – despite having no results reported at the time – brought to mind the style of three talented politicians: Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Dan Patrick. Anyone doubt the Lt. Gov. of Texas would claim victory despite no evidence? Patrick avoided questions from some Texas journalists in Iowa, which should come as no surprise after one of his senior advisers recently said the way to know what Patrick is thinking is to watch him on Fox News Channel.

Makes sense.

After all, why would Gov. Patrick want to explain the cognitive dissonance of arguing President Trump will perform better in Texas this fall than he did in ’16 while simultaneously announcing the Texas Senate might need new rules to accommodate a smaller Republican majority in 2021? We’ll circle back to that.

Meantime in Austin career news this week includes some significant hires at trade groups, new staffers in legislative offices, lobby moves and a political pro opening his own shop. Send career news anytime to ksbraddock@gmail.com and use POTM in the subject line. Please and thank you. Here’s the latest edition of People on the Move:

By Scott Braddock

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