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July 27, 2020      5:01 PM

Huberty: Harris County plan for schools is misguided

In this op-ed, Texas House Public Education Chairman Dan Huberty takes issue with pushing back in-person instruction for all schools in the state’s most populous county until September

On Friday, Harris County and City of Houston Health Officials issued an order to effectively shut down in-person instruction for all schools in Harris County until at least September 7, 2020. The order halts all extracurricular activities, student athletic training and strength conditioning even though many districts had already issued safe and responsible guidance and protocols.

I believe the plan is ill conceived, and misguided. Judge Lina Hidalgo and I spoke for the first time on Thursday where she led me to believe I was being asked to provide input. But it became clear during that conversation that she had already made her decision.

I was notified on Friday by Judge Hidalgo that she was moving forward with the order. This order goes against everything Harris County and the City of Houston have fiercely complained about during this entire pandemic, local control.

By Dan Huberty

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