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April 8, 2019      2:30 PM

SB: Rewarding bad behavior

Speaker Bonnen’s team has aggressively made deals to keep problematic votes off the Texas House floor so far, which may be justified. But the ultimate result of rewarding bad behavior is always more of it

Anyone shocked by the news that activists demanding permitless carry of firearms would show up at Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s home this past week obviously missed the coverage of the same type of activist walking through retail shops with rifles. You could say the same for those who have approached drivers in their cars stopped at intersections to talk to them about the Second Amendment.

They’ve been doing this stuff for years and yet Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, once again filed a “Constitutional Carry” bill this session in the spirit of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick welcoming “open carry” activists into his office and offering them lemonade two sessions ago.

Bad behavior rewarded.

But the stunt at Bonnen’s home forced Stickland to retreat.

By Scott Braddock

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