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June 12, 2019      7:00 PM

SB: Retirement watch

No big news on that front yet and there may be a historically significant reason

Who’s leaving?

That question keeps coming up, naturally, at this point in the cycle and who could blame those who decide to call it a career? This session was particularly exhausting for the members. No, it wasn’t emotionally taxing like 2017 when illegal immigration and restrictions on a minority’s use of public facilities dominated the news. Instead it was tiring because members were doing heavy lifting on broad policy initiatives including school finance, property taxes, mental health care, and more.

Yes, just like the Super Bowl it was lopsided – state government versus local governments – and some complained of boredom.

Texas House and Senate members who have been through the slog of the last decade may want to fully return to the private sector. But why do that when you can leave your imprint on the next generation of legislators?

By Scott Braddock

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