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August 15, 2019      8:25 AM

SB: "Forgive and remember"

There RNC is said to be quite unhappy that this kind of drama is unfolding while Speaker Bonnen's troubles become an issue in the race to lead the RPT; Bonnen's team and supporters shift from apologizing for him saying “terrible things” to arguing that the Sullivan meeting “is not a crime”

The apology tour is on as Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Texas House GOP Caucus Chairman Dustin Burrows seek to make amends after admitting to saying “terrible things” about members in a private meeting while the cops have now been called to thoroughly investigate whether there was any wrongdoing.

Some of the members on the alleged hit list tell QR that Chairman Burrows has sounded remorseful and looked “downright despondent” in meetings over the last few days. On the bright side, at least he has resurfaced and is talking with colleagues again. One member is said to have told Burrows that even though the apology is accepted – we’re all adults after all – that does not mean there should be no repercussions for plotting against fellow Republicans in secret and “making a deal with the devil.”

As conservatives gather in Austin for ALEC, the issue comes up frequently in the low talk. Bonnen gave the welcome speech at the reception last night then left. The story has not quite garnered national press attention so many of the attendees are hearing about it for the first time as they come into Texas.

By Scott Braddock

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