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March 13, 2019      3:12 PM

Republicans take aim at union agreements on taxpayer-funded construction projects

The Texas AFL-CIO thanks Rep. Tan Parker for bringing unions together in “solidarity” against his bill; Parker says "This is not intended to be an anti-union bill…it simply seeks a level playing field by taking the labor issue out”

Texas Republicans are once again taking aim at government-mandated collective bargaining agreements on taxpayer-funded construction projects around the state. A legislative hearing on the issue on Wednesday, though, showcased the fact that no public sector projects in Texas have been done with such an agreement in place.

Those agreements, known as Project Labor Agreements or PLAs, are used around the country and have been controversial for years. Construction industry interests argue the government should not “put its thumb on the scales” while labor leaders say the agreements protect workers regardless of which contractors are eventually hired.

By Scott Braddock

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