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November 25, 2019      6:32 PM

Republican Party of Texas communications plan for targeted Dem districts was apparently leaked to freshman Texas House Democrats

The draft plan says that the “polarizing nature of the president” presents a challenge for GOP candidates in the fall; the ending of one-punch straight ticket voting is also seen as a new challenge to tackle

It’s a bit of a head scratcher, but an internal Republican Party of Texas memo was leaked today, and it outlines an approach to communications efforts in Texas House districts flipped by Democrats in 2018. Here’s the kicker: Some of the first people to see it other than RPT staffers were those freshman Democratic lawmakers who flipped those districts.

The draft plan – apparently up for discussion today among RPT staffers – was leaked to Democratic members of the Texas House including James Talarico, Jon Rosenthal, Julie Johnson, Erin Zwiener, Gina Calanni, and others.

And yes, somehow it made its way to Buzz Central at Quorum Report and you can download it below.

By Scott Braddock

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