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February 8, 2019      12:04 PM

People on the Move

Some folks returning to the building, others leaving, lobby operations expanding, and more

Back up, members. As much as the changing of the guard in the Texas House is an exciting time and those of you with new gigs are rightly thrilled, it is appropriate to remember that no legislatin’ has happened as of yet in the 2019 session.

Slow down. 108 days to go.

For new chairmen along with their staffers – all quite capable – the road may get rough and you’ll need to steel yourselves. Things can and do change quickly. Case in point: Remember the big deal that was made about the identical property tax “reform” bills being filed in both chambers? Well, there’s a committee sub in the Senate so they’re already working with different versions and part of the chatter around the building is that some in GOP leadership want to keep the proposed 2.5 percent rollback rate for ISDs while offering cities and counties a deal at 4 or maybe 5 percent.

Also, our friends at KFYO radio in Lubbock tell us that some rural voters, who delivered the margin of victory for GOP leadership, are starting to wonder why their communities are left out of the proposals that Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick are selling as the best thing since sliced bread.

More on all that in the days ahead.

Meantime, plenty of moves to tell you about in and out of the building. If you have career news to share, please do so at ksbraddock@gmail.com and put POTM in the subject line. Y’all have gotten so good at this.

Here’s this week’s People on the Move:

By Scott Braddock

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