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January 12, 2019      2:00 PM

People on the Move

New jobs, promotions, staffer moves, and maybe some hope for the Four Seasons bar

Week one is done.

19 more to go and the new Speaker assures us there won’t be any need for a special session on school finance. It will be reformed in the regular session, Speaker Dennis Bonnen said in his address at TPPF’s gathering at the Hilton where yours truly ran into Empower Texans Chairman Tim Dunn in the lobby. Had never met him before. Mr. Dunn chuckled when informed that his operations have been very good for Quorum Report.

One quick thing: After all your emails about the less than impressive updates at the Four Seasons bar, I was encouraged by many of you to check out the 7th floor bar at the new Fairmont. It is delightful and another refuge for your cigar chomping editor – only SFA and a few other places are welcoming of cigar smokers in this city anymore. Yes, I realize how cranky that sounds. I’m told some changes are coming at the Four Seasons after all the complaints. We shall see.

Now: The first People on the Move of the 86th legislative session. New jobs, promotions, staffer moves, and more on tap this week. If you’ve got career news to share, email it to ksbraddock@gmail.com and put POTM in the subject line.

Here’s this weeks’ edition:

By Scott Braddock

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