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January 4, 2019      12:32 PM

People on the Move

Staffers find the revolving door, others staying in the building but finding new offices, agency moves, lobby promotions, and more

Y’all have your backpacks and no. 2 pencils ready? First day of session always feels very much like the first day of school – catching up with old friends and meeting the new kids for the first time. Just wait until the junior high-style drama later.

Hopefully the holidays were as good for your family as they were for mine. But it’s back to work now. The Christmas trees have now been taken down in the House and Senate making room for, you know, representatives and senators and, of course, their families who will join them on the floor for the initial pomp and circumstance of Tuesday. The officeholders will be inaugurated, the speaker will be elected, and we will all play the game of hurry up and wait for committee assignments.

Note to freshmen: It can be easy to become frustrated by the initial pace of things. It can take a while to figure out the biorhythms of the Texas Capitol during your first session. But once you get it, you get it. Trust me.

Many of you are settling into new offices or new roles within the same organizations as the session countdown clock on the Quorum Report homepage dwindles down to zero. If your career news isn’t included this week, let me know and you’ll be in the first edition of the new session next Friday. ksbraddock@gmail.com is the email address and use “POTM” in the subject line. You’re welcome.

Here’s 2019’s first edition of People on the Move:

By Scott Braddock

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